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Buying vs. Leasing Your Kia at Kia of Carson in Carson, CA

Choosing how to pay for your new vehicle is an important part of the buying process. After finding the perfect vehicle for your needs, making sure it fits into your monthly budget is something you should strongly consider. That is why we at Kia of Carson take pride in offering some of the most extensive and flexible financing options for vehicle purchases in the Carson, CA area. Many know us for having the best selection of Kia vehicles in town, but our incredible finance team can help most of our buyers drive off with a vehicle they can afford! Stop by and see us anytime to learn about the flexible options we have to offer, or continue reading below to learn more!

Leasing vs Buying

Here at Kia of Carson, we field all kinds of questions about financing vehicles. But the most common question we receive is whether our customers should lease or buy their next vehicle. That's why at Kia of Carson, we strive to ensure that every one of our customers knows the facts about buying versus leasing. Our team is eager to work one-on-one with you to find the best option for your lifestyle and budget, whether you lease or finance your next vehicle.

Buying A Car+
Leasing A Car+

What Options Does Kia of Carson Offer When Buying a New Kia?

We offer financing and leasing options on all of the top models Kia has to offer. While these options are similar, a few key differences set them apart. Each option has its own set of benefits that makes it right for certain buyers, and picking the right one for you is a great way to take advantage of the current vehicle market.

What Are the Benefits of Financing a New Vehicle?

The main benefit is that once you've paid each of the monthly payments of your term, the vehicle is yours to keep. This is the most common form of purchasing a vehicle and typically requires you to place a down payment and make a set number of monthly payments. Our team at Kia of Carson can even show you how certain factors like your down payment amount and term length affect the payment you will see each month. This option is great for buyers who wish to purchase their vehicle and keep it for many years to come.

What Are the Benefits of Leasing a New Vehicle?

Leasing a vehicle is slightly different from financing as it is more similar to renting than purchasing. But, this does include a few key benefits. First, leasing a vehicle will usually require a smaller (or potential no) down payment. Leasing also comes with a lower monthly payment than financing the same model. And you also avoid the risk of becoming "upside down" on your vehicle like you could with a traditional loan. You sign up for a lease for a set time, and the vehicle is yours until the end date. Then, you can return the vehicle or choose to purchase it at its market value. Leasing is great for those who like a low monthly payment or driving the newest vehicles and upgrading every few years. It might not make sense for every buyer, but for those who it does, it can be a great way to save when it is time for a new vehicle.

How Do I Apply For Financing Or Leasing on a New Kia at Kia of Carson?

You can stop and see us anytime at Kia of Carson in Carson, CA! Feel free to browse our current inventory and find out more about the monthly payment you can expect to pay on the vehicle you are interested in. Or use our online tool and apply online! Our online tool allows you to browse inventory, check pricing, and see accurate estimates on a loan or lease option for the vehicle you are interested in. You can always visit us or contact us. Upgrade to a new Kia today and keep a monthly payment you can afford!