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Maintaining Your Tires

It is absolutely essential to maintain your Kia's tires, as they ensure that your car runs smoothly. Your tires help the vehicle place power on the ground with the grips making sure that your Kia can hold firmly onto the road.

Working with a Kia service professional at Kia of Carson is key to tire maintenance, as he or she will be familiar with all of the tire options. A Kia service advisor can talk to you about your driving style and then work to suggest a tire based on that information and the Carson weather. After having your tires installed, you will still need to keep up with regular maintenance and care.

The life span of your tires can be drastically affected in many ways. Your driving style, tire pressure, wheel alignment and routine tire rotations are some of the most common factors to consider as you continue to drive your Kia vehicle. Learn more from the information below on how you can limit the amount of treadwear that is caused by daily driving. If you are in need of a new set of tires, simply view our tire store and schedule a service appointment!

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How Often Should You Change your Car Tires?

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Every time that you drive, your tires undergo additional wear and tear. This means that you will have to replace them several times over the course of your Kia's lifespan. Never put off replacing your tires, as this can endanger your safety. Different tire types will last for varying amounts of time, and their durability also depends on your driving habits. As such, you need to regularly check them for wear.

You will know that you definitely have to change your tires if they begin to get worn down past 1/16 inches of tread. You can easily test this yourself with any penny. Place it between the treads with Lincoln's head down. If you see the entire head, you need to get your tire replaced. Don't forget to monitor how your Kia reacts while driving. If you notice an unusual amount of vibration, you should have your tires looked at by a professional.

Why Get New Tires?

Whenever you have your Kia's tires replaced, you will notice a few great things. Your tread will be better able to grip the surface of the road, improving your safety. You also improve your vehicle's efficiency and performance since it no longer has to work as hard. In other words, changing your tires saves you money over time on fuel.

If you want to learn more about Kia tire maintenance or are due to replace your tires, head to the service center at Kia of Carson in Carson.

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